Jonathan Collier is a consultant Oral and Craniomaxillofacial surgeon in the Craniofacial Department of the Chelsea & Westminster NHS Foundation Trust.

Complex Dental Surgery

Orthognathic Surgery

Traumatic Facial Injury

Some teeth are easy to remove – but, unfortunately, most of them are not.  Jonathan has a rare combination of qualifications in medicine, dentistry and scientific research.  This means that he has a wealth of experience to give his patients (both adults and children) the best, evidence-based treatment and ensure they have the best possible outcomes. 

Literally meaning “straight jaws”, this is surgery to correct your bite and / or facial appearance.  In some people it can also improve their breathing.  Jonathan and his multidisciplinary team of colleagues will give you all the time, attention and detailed planning required to maximise the benefits of this, often life-changing, surgery.

Accidents happen.  When they do - you want the best care, quickly and confidently.  Jonathan is part of the craniofacial unit at Chelsea & Westminster, and is, therefore, ideally placed to give you the immediate treatment you require plus all the long-term support needed to make the best recovery possible.