Complex Dental Surgery

Whenever you have a surgical consultation or procedure, you never want to feel that you are just a “routine patient”. With Jonathan Collier you will be made to feel as comfortable and reassured as possible. Jonathan will take the time to go through with you all the issues, options and available treatments in a very personable but thorough manner. 

From his position as an established hospital consultant, Jonathan will only recommend for you the treatments with the best scientific evidence and will advise you on the advantages and disadvantages of each. To back this up Jonathan has full access to a range of specialist services such as the latest X-ray imaging, pathologists and allied professions so that your care is as specific, up-to-date and comprehensive as possible.

With his full medical training, Jonathan is well informed to discuss and manage any relevant underlying medical conditions that might affect your treatment. Jonathan can treat you under local anaesthetic, sedation or full general anaesthetic depending on your needs and preferences.  With his regular hospital practice covering both adults and children, Jonathan is highly experienced in a variety of dental and mouth-related problems for all ages. As a parent of young children himself he is particularly adept at gaining the confidence of even his youngest patients.

With Jonathan and the backup of his hospital and practice team you can be assured that you will receive first class care from a first class surgeon.