Orthognathic Surgery

Treatment to get your bite “right” requires dedicated, bespoke planning and very careful surgery. From his years of training and his current practice as the surgeon who does all this work in the craniofacial unit at the Chelsea & Westminster Hospital, Jonathan has the experience and backup to discuss with you this highly individualised treatment. 

Almost invariably, orthognathic surgery requires orthodontic (brace) treatment as well. Teamwork between the orthodontist and surgeon is key to achieving a first-class end result.  Jonathan only works with a small group of highly-experienced orthodontists completely familiar with this form of treatment.  At the outset, Jonathan and his team will take time to run though all the possible treatment options involving orthodontic (brace) treatment with or without surgery. When surgery is required you can be reassured that you will be dealing with a surgeon who has a wealth of experience of treating patients of all ages and with all kinds of surgical requirements.

When you undergo any form of surgery you want to know that the team looking after you do this very frequently. Consequently, Jonathan will only operate at hospitals where he works regularly. Therefore, by using the same anaesthetists, technicians, nursing staff and equipment, you can be reassured that you will get the highest quality of care by experienced staff who will support and look after you every step of the way.