Traumatic Facial Injury

Whether big or small, any facial injury is a big deal. You need to be sure that the person treating you knows what he’s doing and has the knowledge, experience and professional network to give you the best possible care. So whether it’s a split lip, broken jaw or multiple facial injuries you can rest assured that Jonathan has the ability to give you the detailed attention that you require in a thorough, thoughtful and supportive manner. Jonathan has a significant volume of experience in the treatment of all forms of injury to the face, teeth, jaws and scalp. He runs the craniomaxillofacial trauma clinic at Chelsea & Westminster Hospital, is an instructor for Advanced Trauma Life Support courses for doctors and lectures frequently to surgeons and A&E departments about the correct management of facial trauma.

Jonathan also has a specific interest in the treatment of long-term problems that can occur after complex facial injuries. This may be after initial treatment has failed, gone wrong or just not achieved the best result possible. Using his experience and network of colleagues from the craniofacial unit, Jonathan has the ability to maximise your recovery potential.